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BOI Privileges to foreign investors

About BOI


The phrase "BOI project Thailand" most likely refers to investment projects that have been given the green light by the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI), which is a government organization in charge of encouraging and facilitating international investment in Thailand.

Foreign investors are eligible for a wide range of advantages and benefits through the BOI, such as the ability to legally own land, tax exemptions and reductions, and streamlined procedures for obtaining work permits and visas. In order to qualify for these tax breaks and subsidies, the investment projects in question have to fulfill a number of requirements, such as operating in a high-demand sector, making use of cutting-edge technology, and fostering environmental responsibility.

The BOI gives its stamp of approval to a diverse range of investment projects in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, and service industries, among others. In recent years, some examples of projects that have been approved by the BOI include the expansion of a plant that manufactures semiconductors, the construction of a high-speed rail system, and the creation of a solar power farm.

In general, the projects that are funded by the BOI in Thailand play a significant part in luring in foreign investment and bolstering the economy of the country.

How to apply for BOI incentives in Thailand

  1. BOI incentives are available to initiatives that meet certain criteria, such as being in a priority industry, promoting innovation and technology, and contributing to the economic and social development of the nation.
  2. Send in your application: You can submit an application via the BOI's website or in person at one of its offices. The application will require details about your organization, the proposed investment initiative, and the desired incentives.
  3. The BOI will evaluate your application and determine whether or not your project is eligible for incentives. If your proposal is approved, you will receive an Investment Promotion Certificate (IPC) outlining the privileges and incentives granted to it.
  4. Once you have obtained the IPC, you can initiate the implementation of your investment endeavor in Thailand. You must adhere to the conditions specified in the IPC and submit required progress reports to the BOI.

Notably, the BOI application procedure can be intricate and may necessitate the assistance of legal and financial advisors. BOI-approved initiatives are also subject to ongoing compliance requirements and reporting obligations.

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