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Top 5 Fruits in Thailand

Thailand Fruits
 Durian in Thailand

Thailand has a reputation for having a tropical environment and an abundance of fruit trees, both of which contribute to the country's production of some of the most unusual and delectable fruits in the world. 

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These fruits are a scrumptious and wholesome way for tourists to sample the cuisine of Thailand, and they can be found for sale at the local markets and booths that line the streets.


When traveling to Thailand, here are five types of fruit that you really must try:

Top 5 Fruits in Thailand Must Try

  1. Durian: (King of Fruit)
    This huge, spiny fruit is well-known for the pungent fragrance it gives off as well as the creamy and sweet flesh it contains. The natives love it, and it's so popular that they sometimes refer to it as the "king of fruits" in Thailand.
  2. Mango:
    The mangoes of Thailand are renowned for their exceptional sweetness and juiciness, and they are a favorite food item of both Thais and tourists alike. They are typically consumed fresh or utilized in the preparation of sweet dishes like mango sticky rice.
  3. Longan:
    This little, spherical fruit is typically consumed fresh or utilized in the preparation of sweets because to the sweetness and juiciness of its flesh. It has a flavor that is comparable to that of lychee but has a consistency that is significantly more solid.
  4. Rambutan:
    This diminutive fruit is often consumed in its fresh form, where its flavor can be described as sweet with a hint of sourness. Although it tastes somewhat like lychee and longan, its look is somewhat different from those fruits.
  5. Mangosteen:
    This little purple fruit has a flavor that is both sweet and acidic, and it is commonly eaten fresh or used in pastries. It is distinguished by its thick, purple rind, which is notorious for being difficult to peel.

These five fruits are just a small taste of the many delectable and unusual fruits that can be found in Thailand. There are many more fruits to choose from. Make it a point to sample as many as you can so that you can get a feel for the complete spectrum of flavors and textures that can be found in Thai food. 

Nice to Know about Durians - In certain parts of Thailand, the durian fruiting season can begin as early as March and go all the way through October. This is an interesting fact about durians, which can be found here. In addition, there are numerous cultivars of durian, and the time of year when each cultivar bears fruit may vary just slightly from the others.

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