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Thai Lottery

Lucky or UnLucky

Thai Lottery

The Government Lottery Office (GLO) in Thailand manages the national lottery known as the Thai lottery. On the first and sixteenth of every month, the lottery is drawn twice. The lottery tickets are 80 baht apiece, and the top prize is several million baht, with other rewards that can be rather large.

You can visit a registered lottery retailer in Thailand to purchase Thai lottery tickets. These sellers can be located in a variety of locations, such as neighborhood markets, convenience stores, roadside stands, and even some department stores. You must decide on your fortunate numbers before purchasing a ticket. 

The largest reward in the Thai lottery is several million baht, but there are many more prizes as well. Along with first, second, and third place awards, there are also minor awards for matching particular numbers. Depending on the drawing and the quantity of tickets sold, different prizes and winners may be selected.

  • First Price = 6,000,000 Baht
  • Seond = 200,000 Baht
  • Third = 80,000 Baht
  • Forth = 40,000 Baht
  • Fifth = 20,000 Baht
  • First 3 Digit = 4,000 Baht
  • Last 3 Digit = 4,000 Baht
  • Last 2 Digit = 2,000 Baht
For an additional price,  Match 6 digits in the first prize draw plus or minus 1, the payout is 100,000 Baht

To claim a Thai lottery prize, you'll need to present your winning ticket at a GLO office within a certain time frame. For most prizes, you'll have 2 years from the date of the drawing to claim your reward. The process for claiming a prize can vary depending on the amount of the prize, but generally involves filling out some paperwork and providing identification and proof of ownership of the winning ticket.

It's vital to remember that the GLO may deduct taxes from your award in the amount of a specified percentage. The size of the reward and other variables may affect the precise amount of taxes. To learn about the tax repercussions of winning a Thai lottery prize, it is advisable to speak with a tax expert or financial advisor.

Overall, even while the chances of winning a Thai lottery prize can be quite low, the potential rewards can be high. When claiming a prize, be sure to take the proper steps and, if necessary, consider seeking financial management assistance.

It's vital to remember that gambling is prohibited in Thailand, with the exception of the national lottery and a few racetracks. It is recommended to purchase lottery tickets directly from a licensed vendor.

Observe for the GLO emblem and seek out a licensed retailer if you're in Thailand and want to try your luck with the lottery. Good Luck!

Currently, online lottery tickets can be purchased through the "Paotang" app from Krungthai Bank PCL.

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