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Ang Thong Province

About Ang Thong,
Distance from Bangkok to Ang Thong = 126.3 Kilometre (78.4 Miles)

Big Buddha

About one hundred kilometers to the north of Bangkok is where you'll find Ang Thong, which sits in the middle of Thailand's central plain. The province is surrounded by the following jurisdictions: Lop Buri Province, Saraburi Province, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province, and Sing Buri Province (going in a clockwise direction starting from the north).

It is believed that the geology of the region, which resembles a basin, as well as the golden color of the rice that is farmed there gave rise to the name "Ang Thong," which translates to "Gold Basin."

The province of Ang Thong is a wonderful destination for vacations that are meant to be peaceful. can come and travel back and return on the same day, with stunning scenery, historical attractions, and warm and welcoming locals.

Ang Thong is a major agricultural province, with rice being the main crop. The province also has a number of industries, including the production of ceramics, textiles.

Top tourist attractions in Ang Thong Province:

Wiset Chai Chan Historical Park
An archaeological site may be found at the Wiset Chai Chan Historical Park, which can be found in the Wiset Chai Chan District of the Ang Thong Province in Thailand. The remains of an ancient city that was once the seat of government for the Kingdom of Lavo can be found within this park. The city was established in the 11th century but was deserted by the time the 18th century rolled around.

Drum-Making Village
The Drum-Making Village is a well-known tourist destination, and guests may observe the drums they order being crafted in the various workshops there. The village is also home to a variety of stores where guests may purchase drums and other percussion instruments.

Wat Muang
Both as a destination for tourists and as one of the most significant religious sites in the province of Ang Thong, Wat Muang is extremely well-known. A trip to this location will provide you with moments of calm and serenity, and it is also an excellent location to gain knowledge regarding Thai Buddhism.

Ban Bang Sadet Court Doll Center
The Ang Thong Province in Thailand is home to a handicraft center known as the Ban Bang Sadet Court Doll Center. In 1976, Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, the Queen Mother, launched this organization with the goal of assisting residents in the area in earning additional revenue. The institution is responsible for the creation of a wide range of clay dolls, including historical dolls, modern dolls, and traditional Thai dolls. The dolls are hand-crafted utilizing techniques that are customary in Thailand.

Local Product Ang Thong

Drums: These drums have been used in Ang Thong for almost 100 years. They are made from wood and leather from the area. They have a distinctive sound and are used in many kinds of traditional Thai music.

Rice: Rice is a staple food in Ang Thong, a large portion of the province's economy, and the province's rice has a well-deserved reputation for producing rice of an exceptional level of quality.

Ceramics: Ceramics are recognized for their outstanding craftsmanship and exquisite aesthetics, and Ang Thong is home to a number of companies that are in the business of producing ceramics. These ceramics are also renowned for being exquisitely beautiful.

Textiles: The province of Ang Thong is home to a variety of different textile businesses, and the textiles that are manufactured here are well-known for the high craftsmanship and elegant patterns that they exhibit.

Goods related to food: Products having to do with food: Ang Thong is home to a wide array of food-related products, some of which include chocolates, dried fruits, and various snacks.

If you are looking for souvenirs that are one-of-a-kind and truly authentic to take back with you home from Ang Thong, you should make it a point to check out the local businesses and markets there.

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