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Pathum Thani Province

About Pathum Thani

Wat Chedi Thong

The province of Pathum Thani can found in the middle of Thailand, to the north of Bangkok. It is considered to be a part of the Greater Metropolitan Area of Bangkok. Temples, markets, and canals are some of the reasons Pathum Thani is so well-known. The province is the location of a variety of significant historical landmarks, such as the Thailand National Memorial, Wat Chedi Thong, and Wat Chedi Hoy. 

In addition to being a major commercial and financial hub, Pathum Thani is also a significant industrial city that is home to a variety of different manufacturing plants and companies.

Travel Attractions in Pathum Thani

Wat Chedi Hoy:
There is a temple in Thailand known as "Wat Chedi Hoi" that is famous for being the location where enormous oyster fossils that are said to be millions of years old were found. The rare fossils were used by the abbot, Luangpho Thongklueng, to construct a chedi, also known as a stupa, which was placed at the entrance of the temple. 

There is a museum located within the property that houses a collection of Buddha statues, works of art, antiques, and a large number of historically significant items such as Sam Khok water jars, earthenware, and engraved wood. 

Wat Chedi Thong
The architecture of the temple is modeled after the "Chittakong" stupa that is seen in Burma. In addition, a revered figure of the Buddha carved from white jade can be found housed at the temple.To get there, travel roughly 8 kilometers along the PathumThani-Sam Khok path, then make a right turn and travel another 500 meters before reaching the temple.

National Science Museum
On the inside are exhibitions that are both educational and entertaining. A photo exhibition, scientific works, and a gargantuan model of the world may all be seen on the first floor. A life-like replica of an Australopithecus fossil that has been given the name Lucy by the scientific community may be found on the second floor, along with exhibitions about space exploration.

There are many more fascinating displays on other floors, such as human anatomy, the geography and geology of Thailand, and even a natural science museum.

Pathum Thani City Pillar Shrine (San Lak Muang)
The "Pathum Thani City Pillar Shrine" is widely regarded as one of the most significant religious sites in all of Pathum Thani Province. This is where the inhabitants of Pathum Thani pay their respects to the city god, who presides over this area. 

The city pillar is enshrined inside the hall, and there are bronze statues of Vishnu with four arms positioned throughout the room. The inscription "Phra Yod Thong of Wat Kai Tia" may be found at the very back of the hall. The shrine also shows a number of religious objects that have been gathered from a variety of temples located throughout the province of Pathum Thani.

Local Product in Pathum Thani

Bamboo Lamps
Bamboo Lamps are one of the items that are considered to be the OTOP product in Thailand. This lamp can be carved in a variety of patterns, the most of which are Thai motifs. It is located in the Sam Khok District of the Pathum Thani Province in Thailand.

Talaad Thai Market
One million square meters of land are occupied by the Talaad Thai market, which is located 45 kilometers north of Bangkok on Phaholyothin Road. In addition to being an essential market for local vegetable growers, the market functions as a hub for the international trade of fruit from Thailand and other countries. Every day, products are sourced from all over the world and shipped to every corner of the globe. 

Talaad Thai has achieved its founders' goal of becoming the largest wholesale market for agricultural products in the ASEAN region, and as a result, it has become an integral part of the supply chain for Thai agricultural products.

Basic information about Pathum Thani Province

  • Area: 1,526 Square Kilometer
  • Area Code: (+66) 02
  • District: 7 Districts
  • Symbol Tree: Indian Coral Tree
  • Distance from Bangkok to Pathum Thani Province = 36.8 Kilometre (22.86 Miles)
  • Neighbouring Province: Ayutthaya, Saraburi, Nakhon Nayok, Chachoengsao, Bangkok, and Nonthaburi

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