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Yala Province

About Yala,


Yala is a province that may be found in the southern part of Thailand. It is bounded to the north by Songkhla Province, to the east by Pattani Province, to the south by Narathiwat Province, and to the west by the Malaysian states of Kedah and Perak. Yala is one of two provinces in southern Thailand that are completely surrounded by land; the other is Phatthalung.

The province has a population that is predominantly Buddhist (20%) and Muslim (80%). Although Thai is the national language, Malay is also widely spoken throughout the country. 

Agriculture is the primary contributor to Yala's economy, and the principal types of produce grown there are rubber trees and rice. Tourism is another important industry in the province; many of the caverns and waterfalls in the region are major draws for visitors.

Travel Attractions Yala Province

Yala Grand Mosque
A mosque known as the Yala Grand Mosque may be found in Yala, which is located in Thailand. It is known as one of the most visited mosques in the region due to its status as the largest mosque in the province. 

The mosque is a stunning specimen of Islamic architecture, and it has been constructed in the year 1970. A huge dome and two minarets are featured architectural elements of the mosque. The inside of the mosque features elaborate patterns and calligraphy as decoration. The public is welcome to visit the mosque, which serves as an excellent location to acquire knowledge on the history and culture of Islam.

Chaloem Phra Kiat Ro Kao Waterfall
There is a waterfall known as the "Chaloem Phra Kiat Ro Kao Waterfall" that may be found in the Yala Province of Thailand. It is a well-known tourist attraction due, in large part, to the breathtaking natural beauty that can be found there. The waterfall plunges down a slope that is covered in verdant vegetation and is composed of several levels. The water is clean and refreshing, making it ideal for going swimming or having a picnic.  

Piyamit Tunnel
This tunnel is approximately one kilometer long, and it runs through a mountain. At various spots, the tunnel is nearly twenty meters wide, and there are many entrances. It was constructed in 1976, and the completion of it took three months. 

Formerly a bastion of the Communist Party of Malaya, the region is now a portion of a hamlet that belongs to the Thai National Development Front. However, in the past, it was a stronghold for the Communist Party of Malaya. During World War II, it served both as a bomb shelter and a food storage place. 

Local Product Yala Province

A wax-resist coloring method is used to make batik cloth, which is a type of fabric. It is an old form of art that has been done in Yala Province for hundreds of years. Patterns on batik cloth are often inspired by nature, religion, and society. People often buy batik cloth as a gift from Yala Province. It's also used to make native clothes and decorations for the home.

The Yala Province is well-known for its assortment of delectable fruits. The following are some of Yala's most well-liked kinds of fruit: Durian, Mangosteen, and Rambutan.

Basic information about Yala Province

  • Area: 4,521.078 Square Kilometer
  • Area Code: (+66) 73
  • District: 8 Districts
  • Symbol Tree: Red Saraca
  • Distance from Bangkok to Yala Province = 1,057 Kilometre (656.79 Miles)
  • Neighbouring Province: Songkhla, Pattani, and Narathiwat

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