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First to know Thai language

Learning Thai Language

Learn Thai

Being able to better understand and appreciate the culture, traditions, and people of the nation can make it a pleasant experience. Being a tonal language, the Thai language can be difficult for non-native speakers to learn since the pitch or tone of a word can alter its meaning. 

However, you may learn to speak Thai well with commitment, practice, and exposure to the language. You can explore the nation more easily, interact with natives more effectively, and enjoy your trip more if you learn some basic Thai language. 

Because there are so many resources available for learning Thai, including language schools, online courses, books, and apps, it might be challenging to identify the learning strategy that is best for you. You may broaden your horizons and get a deeper respect for this beautiful country by learning Thai.

Note: The sentence ends with "Ka" for a female speaker and "Krup" for a male speaker to sound more formal.

First Thai Word You Must Know!

  1. Thank you - Khob khun (krup/ka)
  2. Yes - Chai
  3. No - Mai chai
  4. Excuse me - Kho thot
  5. Sorry - Kho thot
  6. How much? - Ra ka tao rai?
  7. Where is...? - Yuu tii nai...?
  8. I don't understand - Mai khao jai
  9. Delicious - Aroy (krup/ka)
  10. Can you help me? - Chuay duay (krup/ka)?
  11. Please - Krob kun (krup/ka)
  12. Goodbye - La gon (krup/ka)
  13. Do you speak English? - Kun poot pasaa ang-grit dai mai (krup/ka)?
  14. My name is... - Chan Cheu... (krup/ka)
  15. What is your name? - Kun cheu arai (krup/ka)?
  16. I am from... - Chan maa jark... (krup/ka)
  17. Nice to meet you - Yin dee tee dai ru chak (krup/ka)
  18. How are you? - Sabai dee rue (krup/ka)?
  19. I am fine, thank you - Sabai dee (krup/ka), khob khun (krup/ka)
  20. What time is it? - Gee mong (krup/ka)?
  21. Can I have the bill, please? - Check bin duay (krup/ka)?
  22. I need a taxi - Tong kan taxi (krup/ka)
  23. Where is the toilet? - Hong naam yuu tii nai (krup/ka)?
  24. Do you have a map? - Mee map mai (krup/ka)?
  25. I want to go to... - Chan ja pai... (krup/ka)
  26. Can you recommend a good restaurant? - Chuay nae num rawn ahan arroy  (krup/ka)?
  27. Where can I find a pharmacy? - Chan ja ha rann kai ya dai tii nai (krup/ka)?
  28. Can you speak slowly, please? - Poot cha chaan duay (krup/ka)?
  29. How far is it? - Krai mai (krup/ka)?
  30. I don't eat meat - Chan mai gin neua (krup/ka)
  31. What is this? - Nii arai (krup/ka)?
  32. Cheers! - Chai yo! (krup/ka)
  33. Happy birthday! - Suk san wan gert (krup/ka)
  34. Can I take a picture? - Chan tai rub dai mail (krup/ka)?
  35. Where can I exchange money? - Lak ngun dai tii nai (krup/ka)?
  36. How much is this? - Ra ka tao rai (krup/ka)?
  37. Do you accept credit cards? - Run bud credit mai? (krup/ka)?
As it enables you to interact with people and fully understand Thai culture, learning the Thai language may be a fun and engaging experience. 

There are lots of opportunities and tools available for practicing and honing your Thai language abilities while having fun, whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner.

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