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Naka Cave

 What is Naka Cave?

Naka Cave

A natural cave known as "Naka Cave" may be found in the province of Bueng Kan Province in Thailand. It is well recognized for the unusual rock formations that look like the scales of a large snake and have contributed to its fame. The cave, which can be found in Phu Langka National Park, is frequently visited by visitors due to its convenient location. 

Limestone forms the cave interior of Naka Cave, which can be found in Phu Langka National Park in Bueng Kan Province. It is well known for the massive rock formations that seem like a giant snake and are the reason for its fame. 

Naka Cave

The length of the cave is around 100 meters, while its width is approximately 50 meters. The cave can be accessed from the slope of the hill on which it is located. Inside the cave are two primary rooms that can be explored. The massive rock formation that resembles a snake may be found in the first room. The second chamber is not as large as the first one, and it has several stalactites and stalagmites in it.

Naka Cave

The Naka Cave is a well-known location for vacationers. It is open every day between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM. Adults must pay 200 baht to enter, while minors are just need to pay 100 baht.

The Naka Cave can be reached in a variety of different methods. The town of Bueng Kan is around 90 kilometers distant and is the closest settlement. The city of Bueng Kan is home to a good number of hotels as well as eateries. There are also tours available to the Naka Cave located in Bueng Kan.

Distance from Bangkok to Bueng Kan Province = 745.5 Kilometre (463.23 Miles)

View Naka Cave

Tips how to go "Naka Cave"

If you intend to go to Naka Cave, you should carry a flashlight with you and make sure to wear shoes that are comfortable. The cave has a reputation for being slick, and several parts of it are completely dark. Below are the additional tip.

  • Arrive there in good time. Arrive early so that you may check in and get ready for the tour, as the majority of them begin first thing in the morning.
  • Bring along some snacks and some water. There is no provision for food or drink within the cave; therefore, you need carry your own.
  • Put on shoes that are comfortable to you. Because the ground within the cave is uneven and slick, you should wear shoes that provide a lot of traction.
  • Please don't bring in any open flames or smoking materials.  
  • You shouldn't even attempt to touch the shapes. The rocks that are found within the caverns are delicate and readily damaged. Stay away from them at all costs.
  • Stay focused on the journey. It is simple to become disoriented within the cave; therefore, it is important to stay on the path.
I hope you have a wonderful journey!

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