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Samut Songkhram Province

About Samut Songkhram

Don Hoi Lot

One of the provinces that make up the middle of Thailand is called Samut Songkhram. With a total geographical area of approximately 416.7 square kilometers, it has the smallest footprint of any province in all of Thailand. The province is well-known for its floating markets, which serve as both a popular destination for tourists and a significant source of salt production.

It is highly recommended that you pay a visit to the Amphawa Floating Market because it is a well-known tourist site and because the atmosphere there is especially lively in the evening.

In addition, the province of Samut Songkhram is home to a number of historical and religious landmarks, one of which is the Buddhist monastery Wat Phet Samut Worawihan, which is rumored to have the cremated remains of a highly respected monk.

Rom Hup Market

Travel Attractions Samut Songkhram

Wat Phet Samut Worawihan (Wat Ban Laem)
Wat Phet Samut Worawihan, also known as Wat Ban Laem, is an ancient Thai Buddhist temple in Samut Songkhram Province. The temple is home to a number of important Buddha images, including the Luangpho Ban Laem Buddha image, which is believed to have been found in the sea by fishermen.

Wat Phet Samut Worawihan is a popular tourist destination and is considered to be one of the most important temples in Samut Songkhram Province.

Amphawa Floating Market
You can learn a lot about Thai culture and food at the Amphawa Floating Market. From the boats, people can buy gifts, food, and drinks. Along the river, there are also a lot of restaurants and shops. In the evening, lanterns light up the market, giving it a magical feel.

Don Hoi Lot
A island called Don Hoi Lot is near the coast of Thailand's Samut Songkhram Province. It is a popular place to visit, especially for people who like seafood. A lot of razor clams, which are a favorite food in Thailand, live on the beach. On the sandbar, people can catch their own razor clams or buy them already cooked at one of the many seafood places.
Rom Hup Market
(Mae Klong Railway Market)
Rom Hup Market, also known as Talad Rom Hub, is a unique railway-side market in Samut Songkhram, Thailand. When a train passes, market merchants fold up their stalls and umbrellas. This 100-year-old tradition attracts tourists. The market sells fish, produce, and other supplies. Experience Thai culture and buy fresh food here.

Local Product Samut Songkhram Province

  • Salt
  • Lychee
  • Shrimp paste
  • Coconut palm sugar

Basic information about Samut Songkhram Province

  • Area: 414 Square Kilometer
  • Area Code: (+66) 34
  • District: 3 Districts
  • Symbol Tree: Barringtonia Asiatica
  • Distance from Bangkok to Samut Songkhram Province = 65.8 Kilometre (40.89 Miles)
  • Neighbouring Province: Bangkok, and Chachoengsao

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