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Preschool in Thailand

About Preschool Thailand


Preschool is becoming more and more popular in Thailand even though it is not necessary. Preschools in Thailand fall into three main categories:

Public preschools: These are run by the government and are free to attend. However, they are often overcrowded and have limited resources.

Private preschools: These are run by private individuals or organizations and charge tuition. They tend to be smaller and have more resources than public preschools.

International preschools: These are managed by international schools and provide a curriculum that is based on the academic model of another nation. Generally speaking, they are the most expensive choice, but they provide a high-quality education.

Varied preschools in Thailand have varied curriculum depending on the type of preschool. However, the social, emotional, and cognitive development of the children is given priority in the majority of preschools. They might also offer instruction in the humanities, sciences, and mathematics.

If you're considering about enrolling your child in preschool in Thailand, there are a few things you should take into account. The type of preschool that is best for your child must first be selected. Next, seek out a preschool that is both accessible and affordable. Not to mention, you need to make sure the preschool meets your child's needs.

Some tips for choosing a preschool in Thailand:

  • Talk to the teachers when you visit the preschool.
  • Inquire about the preschool's educational philosophy and procedures.
  • Learn about the preschool's costs and available financial aid.
  • Check out the preschool's online reviews.
  • Speak with other parents whose kids attend the preschool.

Preschool enrollment is a significant choice. You can select the best preschool for your child by taking the time to investigate your alternatives.

Some International Preschools in Thailand

  • Bangkok Patana School
  • Shrewsbury International School
  • Regents International School Pattaya
  • Bright Skies International School
  • Adventist International Mission School
  • Ivy Bound International School
  • Hua Hin International School
  • PPMAS-Singapore International School
  • St. Andrews International School
  • RC International School

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