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Superstition Thailand


In Thailand, talismans are widely used and appreciated. Common forms include the Buddha, yantras (holy geometric motifs), and the Phra Khun Paen (a popular amulet thought to bring financial prosperity and abundance). It is often held that talismans have magical properties, such as the ability to protect their owners from harm, provide good fortune, or aid them in accomplishing their aims. 

You can purchase them in temples, and even on the internet. Consider your own values and aspirations while making a talisman selection. 

Some individuals think it's crucial to select an amulet that has been blessed by a monk, while others think the amulet's power is inherent in its form. The most crucial step is picking an amulet that means something to you.

What types of amulets are popular in Thailand?

Buddha amulets
Buddha amulets are small, holy items that people think will bring them happiness and keep them safe. They are popular in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. They are usually made of metal, wood, or stone. 

Amulets come in many different sizes and shapes, and they often have pictures of the Buddha, other Buddhist gods, or symbols of good luck on them.

In Hinduism and Buddhism, a yantra is a geometric shape that is used for meditation and prayer. People think that they reflect God and have the power to protect and bless the person who wears them.

Yantra talismans can be made of many different things, such as metal, stone, wood, paper, and even plastic. They can be simple or complicated, and they can have symbols or pictures on them.

A takrut is a tube-shaped charm that comes from Thailand. It is also called "Tangkai" in some other parts of the world. A charm is like the takrut. Thai people wear them as a protection charm, and they have been around for hundreds of years. 

They are the most common type of amulet described in the Thai epic "Khun Chang Khun Phaen". They look like long scrolls and are generally made of metal or palm leaves. A cord holds them to the body. 

The best of amulets

The five amulets that make up the "Benjaphakee" (‘Benja’ means "Five", and word ‘Phakee’ means ‘Joiners’) set are widely regarded as being among the most potent and fortunate amulets that can be found in Thailand. It is stated that anyone wears them would be blessed with good fortune, protection, and wealth. The following are the five amulets:

  • Phra Somdej Wat Rakang Bangkok
  • Phra Rod Mahawan, Lamphun Province
  • Phra Phong Suphan, Suphan Buri Province
  • Phra Nang Phaya, Phitsanulok Province
  • Phra Soom Gor, Kamphaeng Phet Province

It is essential to keep in mind that the price of an amulet might vary substantially based on a number of factors, including its age, its rarity, and the renown of the monk who blessed it. While some amulets can be acquired for as little as a few dollars, there are those that have been appraised for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you are considering acquiring an amulet, it is essential to first conduct adequate research and then select a vendor who has an excellent reputation. You should also be aware that there are a lot of imitation amulets available for purchase, and since it is essential to be able to tell the difference between a real and an imitation amulet, you should be aware of this fact.

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