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Phrae Province

About Phrae

Wat Phra That Cho Hae

The province of Phrae can be found in the uppermost part of northern Thailand. It is a province that is completely surrounded by land, and the Yom River runs through the middle of it from north to south. The Phi Pan Nam Range traverses the entirety of the province in the west, moving from north to south. The Phlueng Range can be found in the eastern direction. 

The province of Phrae is home to a diverse population and a thriving culture, which may be experienced through the province's exquisite Lanna-style buildings and temples. Rice, corn, sugarcane, and vegetables are the primary crops produced by the agricultural sector. Additionally, the province is home to a substantial livestock sector.

Khum Chao Luang palace

Travel Attraction Phrae Province

Wat Phra That Cho Hae
Wat Phra That Cho Hae has been a treasured temple in Phrae Province for generations, and it is the traditional site of pilgrimage for those who were born in the Tiger Year.  It is one of the most visited places in the province because of its prominence as a religious landmark. It is believed within to be a relic of the Buddha's hair.

The serene and magnificent Wat Phra That Cho Hae temple. Those interested in Thai Buddhism or Thai culture would benefit greatly from a visit here.

Phae Mueang Phi natural monument
Thailand's Phrae Province is home to the geological formation known as Phae Mueang Phi Natural Monument. It's a cluster of peculiar rock formations that looks like a large metropolis, according to legend.  And It is a group of mushroom-like rock outcrops created by natural erosion over many centuries.

Millions of years of erosion have shaped the rock formations we see today. The odd shapes are formed by harder sandstone that was left behind after the softer sandstone was worn by wind and water. In addition to the interesting rock formations, the location also features a small museum that explains the geological background of the region.

Khum Chao Luang palace
There is a museum known as Khum Chao Luang Mueang Phrae that can be found in the town of Phrae. It was constructed in 1892, and at one time it served as the official residence of the Governor of Phrae. The museum is home to an extensive artifact and antique collection that serves as a representation of the history and culture of the region.

A building that is both magnificent and big, with seventy-two wooden doors and windows that have been elegantly etched. Additionally, the wooden eaves that surround the building have engravings cut into them. The two-story cement building has been built with logs of hardwood serving as foundation piles. 

Vongbury House Museum
Khum Vongburi Museum is a private museum that can also be referred to as The Pink Mansion. It is situated in the old town of Phrae, which is located in Thailand. It is a grand mansion with two stories that was constructed in the 19th century by the prosperous Vongburi family. The home is well-known for its eye-catching pink facade as well as its elaborate architecture that is inspired by both Thai and European styles.

The provincial history and culture are presented through the museum's extensive collection of antiquities and antiques from throughout the region.

Ban Thung Hong Village
A village by the name of Ban Thung Hong may be found in the Mueang Phrae District of the Phae Province. The indigo-dyed fabrics that are produced there are known as "Mor Hom", and the region is well-known for their production. About 4 kilometers separate the town of Phrae from the neighboring settlement.

The town of Ban Thung Hong has a long-standing custom of dying with indigo, which dates back several centuries. Cotton fabric gets colored with indigo dye, which is derived from the leaves of the indigo plant and used to dye the cloth. After the fabric has been prepared, traditional items of apparel from Thailand, such as shirts, slacks, and skirts, are made from it. Visitors to the village will have the opportunity to acquire traditional Mor Hom apparel as well as mementos and learn more about the traditional indigo dyeing method.

Local Product Phrae Province

  • Indigo-dyed textiles
  • Handmade paper
  • Wooden furniture
  • Spicy Minced Pork Salad
  • Khao Soi

Basic information about Phrae Province

  • Area: 6,483 Square Kilometer
  • Area Code: (+66) 54
  • District: 8 Districts
  • Symbol Tree: Chukrasia tabularis
  • Distance from Bangkok to Phrae Province = 566 Kilometre (352 Miles)
  • Neighbouring Province:  Phayao, Nan, Uttaradit, Sukhothai, and Lampang.
  • Airport: Phrae Airport (Na Chak, Mueang Phrae District)

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