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Nan Province

About Nan

Northern Thailand is home to the stunning province of Nan, which takes its name from the Nan River that runs through the middle of the region. It is famous for the breathtaking beauty, which includes a variety of landscapes such as mountains, woods, and rivers. In addition, Nan is home to a significant cultural legacy, which can be seen in the numerous monasteries, temples, and villages located throughout the region.

Have you any idea? The Thai language is recognized throughout Nan, but there are pockets where people also speak Lao and Hmong.

The province of Nan is an excellent location to get away from the rush and bustle of everyday life and find a spot to unwind. Hiking, camping, and fishing are just some of the activities that may be enjoyed to their fullest in the stunning natural setting. You can also visit the numerous monasteries and temples in Nan to educate yourself on the city's illustrious past and culture.

Travel Attraction Nan Province

Wat Phra That Chae Haeng

Wat Phra That Chae Haeng
In the province of Nan, you'll find the Buddhist temple known as Wat Phra That Chae Haeng. It is situated on a small hill to the east of the town, directly across the Nan river. From this vantage point, one has excellent views of the town of Nan as well as the valley and river that are located in the surrounding area. 

The golden chedi (also known as a stupa) at the center of the temple is often regarded as the site's most important religious artifact. The chedi stands at a height of 55 meters and is adorned with both gold and silver. In addition to being a well-liked spot for tourists, the temple is frequently visited by those on religious pilgrimages.

Wat Mingmuang
In the province of Nan, you'll find the Buddhist temple known as Wat Mingmuang. On Suriyaphong Road, in the middle of the city of Nan, you'll find it. The Buddha is honored in this temple, which dates back to its establishment in the nineteenth century. The Ubosot, which is an ordination hall that has been whitewashed and is embellished with elaborate stucco decorations, is the most popular part of the temple to see. The Ubosot is widely regarded as being among the most outstanding examples of Lanna architecture that can be found in Thailand.

Nan national Museum
Nan is where Nan National Museum is. It was built in 1903 by the second-to-last lord of Nan, Phra Chao Suriyapnong Phalidet. The museum has a collection of historical objects from Nan.

Nan National Museum has a collection of Buddha statues from different times in Nan's history, a collection of ceramics from Nan and other parts of Thailand, a collection of weapons from Nan's history, a collection of jewelry from Nan's history, a model of Nan's old city, a collection of old photos of Nan, and a library with books about Nan's history and culture.

Local Product Nan Province

  • Silverware
  • Handwoven textiles
  • Wooden handicrafts
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Coffee

Basic information about Nan Province

  • Area: 12,130 Square Kilometer
  • Area Code: (+66) 54
  • District: 15 Districts
  • Symbol Tree: Bauhinia variegata
  • Distance from Bangkok to Nan Province = 681 Kilometre (423 Miles)
  • Neighbouring Province:  Uttaradit, Phrae, Phayao, and Laos (Country)  
  • Airport: Nan Nakhon Airport  (Pha Sing, Mueang Nan)

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