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Maha Sarakham Province

About Maha Sarakham Province

Wat Phra That Na Dun

Maha Sarakham Province is situated in the northeastern region of Thailand, commonly known as Isaan. It is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, vibrant local traditions, and warm hospitality. 

The province covers an area of approximately 5,291 square kilometers and is characterized by vast expanses of rice fields, picturesque countryside, and charming rural communities.

One of the notable attractions in Maha Sarakham is the Wat Phra That Na Dun, a revered Buddhist temple famous for its stunning architecture and historical significance. The province also boasts several educational institutions, including Maha Sarakham University, which contributes to its reputation as a center for learning in the region. Visitors to Maha Sarakham can immerse themselves in the local way of life, sample delicious Isaan cuisine, and participate in traditional festivals and ceremonies that reflect the province's cultural heritage.

Travel Attraction Maha Sarakham Province

Kae Dam Wooden Bridge

Wat Phra That Na Dun: This ancient Buddhist temple is a significant pilgrimage site, featuring a revered chedi (stupa) believed to house relics of the Buddha. The temple's architecture and serene surroundings make it a tranquil spot for spiritual contemplation and cultural exploration.

Maha Sarakham University: As one of the leading educational institutions in northeastern Thailand, Maha Sarakham University not only provides academic opportunities but also serves as a cultural hub. Visitors can explore the university campus, attend cultural events, and interact with students to gain insights into Thai academia and local life.

Phra Buddha Saiyat: Located in the town of Maha Sarakham, this giant reclining Buddha statue is a prominent landmark and a revered religious site. The statue, measuring approximately 20 meters in length, is a symbol of peace and enlightenment, drawing both tourists and devotees seeking spiritual blessings.

Kae Dam Wooden Bridge: Spanning the scenic Chi River, the Kae Dam Wooden Bridge is an iconic attraction in Maha Sarakham Province. Built entirely from wood, this picturesque bridge offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape and serves as a popular spot for leisurely strolls and photography.

Local Markets and Cultural Festivals: Exploring the vibrant local markets and attending cultural festivals is a must-do in Maha Sarakham. From the bustling Maha Sarakham Night Market to the colorful celebrations of festivals like the Bun Pha Wet (Buddhist Lent Candle Festival), visitors can experience the lively atmosphere, savor delicious street food, and witness traditional performances that showcase the region's rich cultural heritage.

Local Product Maha Sarakham Province

  • Silk and Handwoven Fabrics
  • Rice Crackers
  • Bamboo and Rattan Products
  • Traditional Pottery
  • Local Herbal Products

Basic information about Maha Sarakham Province

  • Area: 5,607 Square Kilometer
  • Area Code: (+66) 43
  • District: 13 Districts
  • Symbol Tree: Woman's Tongue Tree
  • Distance from Bangkok to Nan Province = 299 Kilometre (186 Miles)
  • Neighbouring Province:  Kalasin, Roi Et, Surin, Buriram, and Khon Kaen. 
  • Airport: The nearest airport to Chaiyaphum is Roi Et Airportใ

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